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COP president receives honorary doctorate

José Manuel Constantino expressed his honour and gratitude after receiving the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Lisbon, highlighting the difficulties present on the national sports scene during this moment of joy.

The Association of Portuguese-speaking Olympic Committees (ACOLOP) sincerely welcomed this distinction, recognising it as a significant prestige not only for José Manuel Constantino, but also for the Olympic Movement in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Constantino mentioned that his reaction to learning of the award was one of emotion, revealing that the significance was doubly special because it was at the institution where he graduated. He also recognised his health limitations and expressed concern about the challenges facing national sport, highlighting the need to reflect on sports development in Portugal.

The president of the Portuguese Olympic Committee (COP) emphasised the complexity of the future of sport, pointing to challenges such as demographics and the lack of up-to-date data. He emphasised the need to build a more solid conceptual basis for sport as a public good with benefits beyond the individual practitioner.

Constantino closed his speech by referring to the added responsibility he takes on with this distinction, pledging to honour it duly. With a long history linked to sport and public administration, Constantino has held several prominent positions, including the presidency of the Portuguese Sports Confederation, the Portuguese Sports Institute, as well as the presidency of the National Anti-Doping Council and the National Council Against Violence in Sport.