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ACOLOP members meet for the 1st General Assembly

The members of ACOLOP met for the first General Assembly on 10 March.
April 2024, at the Casa de Santa Maria in Cascais, Lisbon.
Representatives from Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe, Equatorial Guinea,
Cape Verde, Portugal and Macau were there, while Brazil, Angola and
Mozambique participated virtually. Only Sri Lanka, Goa and Timor-
East could not be represented.
The meeting was an opportunity to emphasise the ongoing commitment of
ACOLOP to strengthen ties with similar organisations and various
partners, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International
World Olympic Committees (ACNO).
It was also a time to jointly analyse the
objectives and vision of our organisation, with the aim of making it more active
and resilient to the current needs of the associated committees.
An important milestone from the First General Assembly was the approval of the
Motion on the rights and duties of the International Olympic Committee, a proposal that
resulted from the recent Forum of Lusophone Athletes, held in the city of Praia,
in March 2024. Also in the spotlight was the delegate's proposal to
São Tomé and Príncipe, João Costa Alegres, who emphasised the importance of the
inclusion of athletes in ACOLOP's decision-making bodies, a topic to be
considered in the reformulation of our statutes.
This year, ACOLOP celebrates its 20th anniversary on 8th June, an event in which it will
provides for a collective celebration with all the members.
Another highlight of the meeting was the organisation of the Games of the
Lusophony, in which ACOLOP maintains its commitment to make this
competition, with athletes from all the member committees, a reality.

The meeting ended with the continuing spirit of ACOLOP's mission,
focussed on "Promoting points of union between the national Olympic committees of
Portuguese official language for the development of a common agenda in the
as part of the development of Olympism in their countries".